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The key to success is knowing how to search

The key to success is knowing how to search

Search, Find, Match, Apply.

Do you want to improve at something?  Do you want your business or organization to survive and thrive in the world of the near future?

Search, Find, Match, Apply.

Get online. Do a search. Find something that can help you. Take action.

Use search technology to learn and get more familiar with it.

Search online and find out what people are using and doing. 

In the face of uncertainty and ignorance, what will help you the most? Knowledge.

Search. Pick a topic. Any topic. Study it every which way you can.

How do you find good knowledge these days? Search technology. Print technology, including books and magazines, contain information that is often outdated often times by the time they go to print. The most current and the best information is digital -- knowledge is published online in articles, blogs, feature stories, white papers, infographics, videos, and other formats.

They are found in on web sites, blogs, in libraries, databases, directories, catalogs, and many other types of documents in an ever-increasing array of formats.

You have access to computers, laptops, software, smart phones – an amazing array of devices that allow you to focus energy and attention on nearly every aspect of the time and work and processes you are involved with in every possible way.

But you must learn to use search engines to make use and leverage what is out there to be had.

Most of the information you need comes from outside your own organization or knowledge base.  It is necessary to teach people search skills and to offer them opportunities to get trained and become more fluent in search technology.

We work online, we live online, and we have become and will continue to become increasingly dependent on digital information.  The ways people get and stay tech savvy has evolved.

And today it all revolves around search engines.

Everybody who thinks of the word “search” equates it to Google. To Google something means to search and find out something about it. 

But there’s more to life than Google. Tech savvy leaders know that there are many types of search engines.  The explosion of the Internet and the knowledge contained on web sites has resulted in the proliferation of search engines – word portals that allow people to access and use the content inside the giant warehouses that have been created. 

If you are going to live in the world of tomorrow. You need to know how to search.