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Seth Godin - Thinking Backwards

I use Presari to follow Seth Godin. I saved the following words to my Favorites and use it every few days, scanning the news media and several social media sites, looking to find some new inspiration.  

Seth Godin 2017  - or

Ifound an amazing video of him talking at Creative Mornings, New York in May 2013.

His presentation is called Thinking Backwards

Here's my notes and review. 

What an incredible treat, literally just minutes after it has been posted and shared, hearing one of the brightest people on the entire planet, offering the best stream of consciousness advice he has come up with for people to work hard at what they love, work with others to make the world a better place, and take responsibility for their own success and failures along the way.

Giving small gifts like this is the way Seth Godin is doing more than just about anyone to educate people in what really works, with a total commitment and dedication to doing what he can to save the planet and the world economy.  Knowledge is power and the potential to connect and form alliances with the technology we have is as incredible as ever. Instead, we use it to play 'angry birds'.

If you are stuck, you need to change.  What is your job he asks?  Make art. What do you really get paid for? Doing other stuff on demand. Make the choice! Choose to change to make more beauty and make a difference. Choose to do what is important and did it make a difference. 

You have a cell phone and can publish whatever you want. Do it.  You do not have to be hired or chosen or picked. You just need to pick yourself, and create what you want to create. It's not for everyone. It's just for you and the one's you can help or can enjoy what you have done. The world is soooo big, and you don't need to be the most popular, you just need to connect with the people that matter and turn them on.  

Are you going to succeed and are you going to matter?  Choose!  

Wow!  What a night.  What an incredible find.

Thank you Seth Godin! 

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