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Better Search Engine Results in Less Time


Just enter a keyword and click or touch a search engine icon. Voila! 


Presari is a web site that operates like a TV remote control - only you flip search engines instead of TV stations.

This is powerful elearning technology that lets you select where you get your results from fast. 


Try it! Enter some keywords! Boom. 

Do a Google - Bing side-by-side comparison, then flip to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, and then to News Media and Magazines.   

It's fast and you are in control. Personalize and organize your own search engine dashboard to meet your needs. Just choose, save and go. 

Presari gets you right to the best information from the best sources and helps you avoid the advertising and marketing.

And there are over 1,200 hand-selected proven quality sources for you to choose from.


 Place a Presari icon link on your desktop, laptop or home screen.  It operates on any device with a connection to the Internet.

Presari saves you time, improves your online learning, and brings new people and connections into your life.




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    Free 14-day trial!  

    Save your favorites. Save time. 

    Tailor and personalize your search engines selector. 

    Select from over 1,200 curated sources in more than 30 categories.   

    Share the best knowledge on social media.

    Be purpose-driven in your quest for knowledge & success.

    Help yourself. Help others. 


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     Presari can be used to conduct & improve:


    Problem Solving Online Research 

    Social and News Media Monitoring & Outreach

    Book Marketing & Business Marketing

    Personal and Professional Promotion

    Job Search, Freelancer Targeting, & Recruiting Search

    Targeted PR and Marketing

    Educational and Problem Solving

    Product and Service Branding 


    Knowledge creates opportunity. Presari. 


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