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Presari - Search in Default Preset 




Get the most out of your time online.  Get better results in less time.  


Presari operates like a TV remote control.

With a click or a touch, you select the best search engines you need. Voila. 


You get the best actionable knowledge quickly and easily. 

You can find the right people, solutions to problems, make connections to media, businesses and organizations.


Use the tools to slice and dice the results so you learn the way you like to learn.


Use the time tools to get the most current information.

Then take action to fulfill your purpose. 



Presari speeds up your research, saves you time, and gets better information. 


Enter a keyword, click or touch a search engine icon, your results open.

                    • General Search Engines – Google and Bing, TED, Wikipedia, and more. 
                    • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube and more
                    • News & Media – Google News or Bing News, or focus on a specific prime or news media online sources. 
                    • Podcasts – Over 3 dozen podcast search engines.
                    • Specialized Search Engines – Business, Marketing, Technology, Legal, SEO, hand-select industry trade publications, organizations, companies, groups, and experts.
                    • Specialized Search Engines – Shopping, Entertainment, Sports, and more.  You can find products and services from dozens of brands and online shopping sites.

Presari Speed Tools

                    • Tailor and Personalize YourPresari Dashboard - over 1,600 sources to choose from (see About Presari). 
                    • Save Your Favorites to save time and avoid retyping.  
                    • Share Your Search to educate and help others. 
                    • One-Clicks - Customize them to open up to 9 hand-selected search engines all at once, perfect for people searches.  

Use The KSTRA Process - Keywords - Sources - Tools - Results - Actions





Improve what you know, who you connect with, and what you do.

Learn how to get more online with every click and touch.

Be more effective. Take action.  Change yourself. Help others. 


Knowledge Creates Opportunity. 

 Annual subscriptions start at just $1 a month - Options  - Join and start learning now. 

Customized organizational deployment available upon request.  


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