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Presari - Search in Default Preset 



  Presari operates like a TV remote control - only you flip search engines instead of TV stations - on whatever you want.


Just enter a keyword and click or touch a search engine icon. Voila! 


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Get more done with Presari


Easy-to-use, fast, powerful and effective.   

Icon-driven toolbars improve your search speed & accuracy, results, & productivity. 

Knowledge Creates Opportunity.



Presari Icons Tools

Presari Presets photo combo 

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A new way to search & learn

Pick your topic. Presets come fully loaded with best search engines you need. Change topics, customize & personalize to match your needs anytime.  


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Get better results & reach out in real time

Avoid the ads. Go right to the best answers from the best sources.  Save time, avoid repeat typing and rework. 

Use social media to communicate in real time on the keywords that matter to you. 




  Presari Social Media Source Group

Presari Keyword Helpers


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Find the right influencers in less time


 Use your keywords with Presari’s no-typing needed keyword helpers to identify the right influencers - people, businesses, and organizations with focused, targeted audiences fast. Reach out.


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Save & use your favorites fast 


Organize Your Favorites by topic & use them any time. Clik no typing needed.  Curate you own lists of critical keyword searches to save time, get the right information, stay on top of important issues & take action. 






 Save and Use Your Favorites

 Sharing Helpful Knowledge Empowers 

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Share & empower people


Help people solve problems. Create opportunity. Presari makes it easy to share searches, your favorites, selected sources, and even curated source groups by email or social media.  You can give people the right question with the right sources to provide the best answer to anyone on anything. 

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Unique! Presari One Clicks 


Acts as a force multiplier that helps you find critical intelligence from just the most relevant search engines.  Customize the sources - you can create 5 One-Clicks each one with up to 7 hand-selected search engines, each one for a different purpose.  One clicks are a startling and powerful time saver once you identify the search engines you use continually. Zoom!




Presari One Click

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Elearning to the Max! 



Place a Presari shortcut on your desktop, laptop or smart phone home screen.   It's quick and easy to reach and operates on any device with a connection to the Internet.  Presari saves you time, improves your online learning, and brings new people and connections into your life. 

Presari for Desktops Laptops and Cell Phones

The Presari Icon Toolbox Speeds Up Your Online Quest


 Return to the Presari search page and start a new search anytime.

  Select Search Engines & Source Groups.

   Access Keyword Helpers.

  Save your Favorites. 

   Use Your Favorites.

 Share search pages by email or social media.

  Quick access to Settings.




 Presari can be used to conduct & improve:


Problem Solving Online Research 

Social and News Media Monitoring & Outreach

Book Marketing & Business Marketing

Personal and Professional Promotion

Job Search, Freelancer Targeting, & Recruiting Search

Targeted PR and Marketing

Educational and Problem Solving

Product and Service Branding 


Knowledge creates opportunity. Presari. 


Premium Membership Options  



Try the Premium Version for Free    Unlock all the features.  Free 14-day trial!