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Get More Done with Presari

Presari is designed to speed up your research, save you time, and improve your results.

You can quickly select and get results from a variety of different source groups, which contains selected search engines.

The organized and placed inside boxes. If you hover your cursor over the box, you can see all the available search engine sources. 

      • General Search Engines – You can do a Google and Bing side by side comparison or see results from other search engines like Baidu (China), Creative Commons, Product Hunt, Ecosia (Great Britain) Info, Medium, TED, Wikipedia, Yahoo or Yandex and many more. 
      • Social Media – You can find out what people are saying on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube and more.
      • News & Media – You canget the most current news coverage by selecting Google News or Bing News, or focus on a specific media source. 
      • Podcasts – You can find podcasts on your keywords from podcast search engines.
      • Specialized Search Engine – By Industry – You can play “Ask an Expert” and get results from hundreds of industry trade publications, organizations, companies, groups, and experts.
      • Specialized Search Engine – Shopping – You can find products and services from dozens of brands and online shopping sites.

You can tailor your own Presari Search Dashboard to meet your needs anytime. You can see the complete list of categories and search engines available in the About section of the Presari site. 

You can Save Your Favorites and Share the Information to help others. 


 Improve What You Know and What You Do with Presari - Try It and See:


Problem Solving Online Research - Doing Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Social and News Media Monitoring & Outreach  -  Getting the Most Out of Social Media During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Book Marketing - Book Marketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Personal and Professional Promotion - Branding During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Job Search, Freelancer Targeting, & Recruiting Search - Job Searching During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Educational and Problem Solving - Home Schooling During the Coronavirus Pandemic 


Real Estate Market During the Covid Pandemic

Leadership During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Management During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Manufacturing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Knowledge Creates Opportunity. Presari. 

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Customized organizational deployment available upon request.  


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