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Get Better Results from the Best Search Engines. 


The Presari Process: Search for Knowledge. Find Inspiration. Help Yourself. Help Others.


Presari is a learning machine that lets you choose where to get your information from.  

Cut through the ads and marketing. Tailor and improve your keywords selection.   

Select the right search engines to get the best quality results.

Get better knowledge. Make better people connections. 

Save your favorites. Save time. Share better information. 

    Search over 1,150 curated sources in more than 30 categories.  

     Easy-to-use search page operates on your desktop, laptop or smart phone.

    Just enter a keyword & click or touch an icon. Voila. 


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    Unlock paid features for 14-days.

    Tailor your search dashboard. Match your personal needs.

    Choose your search engines and keyword helpers. Save. Go. 

    Save searches to save time and get the best information fast.

    Share the best knowledge on social media.


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    Change Your Search Engine Selections & Settings Fast Anytime


    Choose. Save. Use.  


       It's easy. Click on the Settings Button.


    Select your Search Engines  and Keyword Helpers  . 


    Pick it or click it. Save  . Then    Pro Search.   


    Target and personalize to meet your needs. 



    The Presari Icon Toolbox Speeds Up Your Online Quest


     Return to the Presari search page and start a new search anytime.

      Access your Search Engine Source Groups

       Access Keyword Helpers

      Access Trending Terms

      Access the Curated Favorites Library

      Save your Favorites -- Organize them fast.  Save time entering keywords repeatedly.

       Just click or touch your Favorites and fly through the right search engines fast.

     Share your Favorites or your Searches by email or social media.

      Quick access to Toolbox Settings 



    Get Dramatically Better Search Results Faster


    Swipe or scroll, then click or touch.  


    Just enter a keyword and click on a search engine icon. Voila! Your results opens for you.


    Hold your Control or Command key down and click on five or more of your favorite search sources in a row. Boom! They all open.


    And with Presari One-Clicks you can pre-select a set of sites you constantly use, and then send your search to all of them with one click. Zoom! 


    Results are it's always current - never get stale.


    Try it!  (Click on the graphic) - here are Facebook Marketing tips from the best marketing and business sources. 


    Try It Free

    Customize Your Own Presari



     Tailor Presari to meet your needs. Choose just the search engines you want to use.


    Over 1,150 search engines and over 30 categories including:  

    general search, social media, news & media, business, politics, health, fitness, outdoor,  lifestyle, government, education, entertainment, jobs, legal, money, pets, reference, technology, science, sports, travel and more. 


    Place the best sources of information right at your fingertips. 



    Try it!  (Click on the graphic) - Relief! Get reliable medical information from the best health and fitness sources. 


    Two Libraries of Pre-tested Time Saving Keyword Helpers



      Presari's No typing needed Keyword Helpers speed up your research fast. Structure your online learning.


    Pre-tested short phrase and long tail Keyword Helpers covering over 100 critical topics and technologies. 

    Focus you on the right keywords to help you find the best problem solving answers and strategy-focused results.


    Presari's unique restaurant menu keyword selection makes it easy to get great results fast.

    Just pick one from column A and one from column B.  Learn and then rotate to a new keyword and search again.

    This explodes your knowledge systematically - real-time force-multiplication learning tool.


    You are in control.  You choose what to learn and who to trust.

    You can always get up to speed and stay current. 


    Try it! (Click on the graphic)  -  Example: Best Content to Share on Facebook 



    Help Yourself. Help Others with Educational Branding.




       Share. Help Yourself. Help others. 

    Presari lets you share your knowledge on social media.


    Find and curate answers and advice.


    Give people the best helpful information. You can add your logo on what you share. 


    Click.  Share the best information from the right sources by email or social media.  


    Try it!  (Click on the graphic).  





    Presari can be used to improve:


    Online Research of all types

    Social and News Media Monitoring

    Personal and Professional Promotion

    Targeted PR and Marketing

    Educational and Problem Solving

    Product and Service Branding 


    Knowledge creates opportunity. Presari. 


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