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Coronavirus - Presari One-Click

Quick Across Nine Search Engines in real-Time

This one click opens up the search results on the keyword ‘coronavirus’ for: 

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Google News
  • Bing News
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • CDC
  • Medical News Today
  • Medscape

Keyword:   Coronavirus    

This Presari page opens, then click on the Health One-Click bar. 

coronavirus one click

For this to work, you need to allow pop ups to open, if you are using a browser like Chrome.

The results for each site will open in a new tab.  Study them carefully. You can use the tools at each site to refine the results. 

The results are always current and will change as soon as people update and upload new information.

Share this freely. It is designed to save time researching what is happening.

Visit Death Valley National Park

Elearning with Real-Time Search and Interactive Maps


Death Valley National Park      Presari icon    CalTopo icon   NPS logo shield icon

Las Vegas to Death Valley is 118 miles (190 km). About 2 hours and 15 minutes.

  • Presari - opens the general search engines, social media, news media, and outdoor and travel media.
  • CalTopo opens up digital interactive maps with dozens of map and imagery options.
  • NPS opens up the National Park Service pages and maps. 


An excerpt from National Parks and Monuments - available at Amazon 

National Parks and Monuments

What is Treason?

What is Treason?

Here's the quote from 18 U.S. Code Section 2381 - Read it.

"Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)...


And read all you want at Presari - the Legal Search Engines are turned on.

What is Treason? 

Is LinkedIn Becoming Useless?

What Happened?

A colleague of mine raised the question about how much little actual benefit he was getting from the time he spent on LinkedIn. 

I myself don't use LinkedIn very frequently any more. I do use it for people research to identify contact information and to research about people and company experience. 

I don't utilize it as a direct contact method of communication. When I do try to use it, there is usually no response or what comes back is basically non-responsive.

I get emails every few days telling me about people who search on my name. So what. When you drill down to see who those people are, you see very little critical, relevant and useful business intelligence.

I see the notifications in my Chrome extension but when i go to look at them, they tend to be a waste of time and offer very little value added. 

I participate in a few groups but the quality of the conversations has turned dismal. If people post questions, they get bombarded by people with pitches for their services instead of getting good advice. 

The problem I experience is that the posts are rarely helpful. They just sell product and services. They don't solve problems and inspire. They tease and sell, rather than educate and help. 

I'm not the only one who sees this happening. 

Here's a Presari search on Is LinkedIn becoming Useless 

Presari is like a TV remote control for search engines. You just click on the source you want and voila you can find all the relevant news and media about any topic instantly. By being selective you can bypass the ads and SEP results and focus quickly on the best sources, people and organizations.

You can do the Google Bing side by side comparison. You can also slice and dice the results using the tools to focus the results on the articles, videos, and images. You can also then use the slice tool to focus on the most current results by date.

You can also then flip channels to see what people are saying on social media like Facebook and Twitter and even search the articles and conversations on LinkedIn. And if you know how and have a content-filled social media toolbox ready, (text, headlines, photos, links and hashtags) you can interact directly.

And you can then search the news media. Google News and Bing News get you to the articles and more. Even some of the major media get you to useful articles and features. If you open up a second Presari window while you are reading you can grab the journalist or experts name and drill down quickly to their contact information and quickly contact them.

Presari can be used for research and for identifying, targeting and instantly deploying the 3 C’s – the best content, connections, and communications - in real time. It is a very different type of search tool than Google or Bing in that by giving people choice, they get to bypass the ads and marketing and concentrate on finding better information fast.  it's a new direct marketing option that allows you to quickly contact the right people with the intellectual candy needed to trigger desirable actions and results.

Presari is an elearning – multi-purpose super tool I created to maximize what people receive from the time they spend online. 

So here's another Presari search on Making the Most of LinkedIn.




The Best Time to Promote a Book

When is the best time to promote a book? 

Before publication?

During the launch?

Post publication? 

The best time to promote a book depends on who your people are, what they read, watch and listen to, especially when they in the optimum buy mode, and most importantly, what can you do to reach them effectively. 

You need to study the options, identify the most practicalk for you, create and then deploy an action plan. 

Here's a Presari search that gets you to an amazing array of ideas on the best time to promote a book

Slice and dice to find the articles, images and videos and the most current information.

Send the search to the general search engines, the news media, social media, and to the publishing experts. 

Learn everything you can fresh. It's a new day. 




The Right Way to Use Social Media

So many people use Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn by asking the wrong types of questions.

What happens is that they open up the hive mind and ask questions that allow people to throw out whatever occurs to them regardless of the actual knowledge and experience they have. 


There is a better way to get better results from social media.  


What you do is:

1. Seek to get answers from qualified people, who match your needs and objectives, with the relevant experience and knowldge. 

2. Don't just ask for recommendations, ask specifically for their best 1 to 3 recommendations. 


Here's an example: 


Planning a week in Great Britain with my spouse and two children, ages 11 and 9. 

Don't say:  Need ideas on where to stay in London. 

Do say: If you've been to SOHO, London with kids, what are your best recommendations on where to stay and what to do?  


Here's a search that allows you to learn more about the right way to use social media


Best Content to Share on Social Media

Best Content to Share on Social Media

Learning the right way to post information on social media can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Presari can be used to quickly help you find the best guidance that you need.


Common Search Engines

Click on one of the links below and start by reviewing some of the results on Google and Bing.

Dice the results by selecting text articles, images (you’ll see a suite of dazzling infographics), and videos.

Slice tools at each of these sites to then focus the results on the most current posts and information say by the last year, by the last month, or even by the past 24 hours.


Social Media

Then click on some of the social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare and Twitter.

Use the slice and dice tools to focus on the most recent posts, the pages, and the groups.


News Media

Then click on some of the News Media, like Google New sand Bing News, and any number of the radio and TV.

Use the slice and dice tools to focus on the most recent posts, the pages, and the groups.


Publishing Industry Media

In this particular selection, over three dozen publishing industry sites with search engines are also available. Each of these is included because of the quality and expertise of the contributors to the site.


Best Content to Share on Social Media


Grow and Diversify Your Skills and Knowledge

Use the Presari Social Media Keyword Helper and modify your search to focus your research on any of the other social media platform technologies

Update on the Amazon Review Policy Changes

Amazon has gone on a crusade to get control of the fake reviewer problem.  

Read the actual Amazon Review Policy Guidelines.  To get to the most recent information, use the slicing tools at Google and Bing to narrow the results to the last month of posts.

Amazon is still allowing authors to offer free and discounted review copies but you cannot exchange a book for a review or influence the content of the review in any way. And the verified customer badge is only allowed for Amazon customers who have spent more than $50 (or equivalent outside the US). 

The author community is sort of up in arms over the fact that Amazon is deleting product reviews.  Basically they are activiely purging sites and reviewers en masse when they detect any questionable or unscrupulous review practices or manipulation.

You can read several great posts analyzing the details that authors are seeing and experiencing including an excellent discussion by author Derek Murphy at The Creative Indie and this one by Author Marketing Expert Penny Sansevieri 

It takes special planning to avoid violating the Amazon prohibitions. There is some good advice available describing the best ways to go about getting more verified Amazon customer reviews    Make sure you slice to the most current results and qualify the advice by verifying the authoreity and credentials of the contributor. 

Another set of Presari searches that lead to some really helpful criteria for deciding how to market a book is this one: 

Getting Reviews on Amazon Cheat Sheet

and this one

Getting Reviews on Amazon tips   

Social Media Links to Fox News & More

Here is a short link to this page:   Share freely. 


This Social Media Cheat Sheet contains the social media links to the primary hosts on Fox TV and a few other conservative media.  There are 22 main listings here.

Create a core message. 

Then just click on the link you wish to use and the page will open for you.

You can then tailor your message, and send or post it to their Twitter, Facebook and Email accounts.


 ------  Are you tough enough? -------- 

Fox News     

                Twitter: foxnews Facebook: FoxNews  Email

Steve Hilton, Host - The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton          

                Twitter: stevehiltonx     Facebook: NextRevFNC                                  Email:

Tucker Carlson, Host Tucker Carlson Tonight

                Twitter: TuckerCarlson Facebook: TuckerCarlsonTonight               Email:

Howard Kurtz, Host - #MediaBuzz

                Twitter: HowardKurtz    Facebook: MediaBuzzFNC                             Email:

Chris Wallace, Host - FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace

                Twitter: Foxnewssunday      Facebook: FoxNewsSunday                  Email:

Neil Cavuto, Host Your World with Neil Cavuto

                Twitter: TeamCavuto     Facebook: TeamCavuto                                  Email:

Heather Childers, Host - FOX & Friends First

                Twitter: HeatherChilders     Facebook: FoxFriendsFirst                    Email:

Steve Doocy, Host -  FOX & Friends’

                Twitter: stevedoocy       Facebook: FoxFriendsFirst                             Email:

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Host - The Five

                Twitter: kimguilfoyle     Facebook: TheFiveFNC                                   Email:

Greg Gutfeld, Host - The Greg Gutfeld Show

                Twitter: greggutfeld       Facebook: GregGutfeldShow                       Email:

Sean Hannity, Host -  Hannity

                Twitter:  SeanHannity    Facebook: SeanHannity                                  Email:

Pete Hegseth, Host - FOX & Friends Weekend

                Twitter: PeteHegseth    Facebook: PeteHegseth                                 Email:

Brian Kilmeade, Host - FOX & Friends

                Twitter: kilmeade            Facebook: foxandfriends                               Email:

Mark Levin, Host - Life, Liberty & Levin

                Twitter: MarkLevinShow      Facebook: marklevinshow                    Email:

Dana Perino, Host - The Five

                Twitter: DanaPerino       Facebook: TheFiveFNC                                   Email:

Jeanine Pirro, Host - Justice with Judge Jeanine

                Twitter: judgejeanine    Facebook: judgejeaninepirroshow            Email:

Geraldo Rivera, Host - Geraldo Rivera Reports

                Twitter: GeraldoRivera Facebook: GeraldoRivera                              Email:

Shepard Smith, Host - Shepard Smith Reporting

                Twitter:  ShepNewsteam     Facebook: ShepardSmith                       Email:

Jesse Watters, Host -  Watters' World

                Twitter:  jessebwatters Facebook: JesseWatters                                 Email:

Megyn Kelly, Host - Today Show  

Twitter:  megynkelly                      Facebook: MegynKelly

Alex Jones, Host – Infowars  

                Twitter: realalexjones    Facebook: AlexanderEmerickJones    

Breitbart News    

                Twitter: BreitbartNews    Facebook: Breitbart   Email: