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Presari City Guide to Breckenridge Colorado

Excerpt from the new Presari Digital Guide

What would you do with teenagers with five days in one of my favorite towns, Breckenidge CO.

I created a Digital Guide. Here's an excerpt: 

Best Places to Visit in Breckenridge CO

Planning a Trip to Breckenridge CO

Things to Do in Breckenridge CO

Things to Do with Kids in Breckenridge CO

Things to Do with Teens in Breckenridge CO

Things to Do at Night in Breckenridge CO

Best Breckenridge CO Itineraries

Presari Digital Guide to Breckenridge

Review copies available upon request. 

Let me know and I'll send you the pdf file. 



Science of the National Parks

Excerpt from the new Presari Digital Guide

Here is an excerpt from the new Presari Digital Guide to the Science of the National Parks.

Science of Yosemite National Park


Physical Sciences    

Air Quality     Astronomy     Climate     Climate Change     Drinking Water Quality     Drinking Water Quality Hazards     Earthquakes     Environmental Hazards     Extreme Weather     Fire Hazards     Flood Hazards     Flood Plains     Fossils     Geography     Geologic Map     Geology     Geomorphology     Hydrology     Landforms     Landslide Hazards     Meteorology     Natural Disasters     Rocks and Minerals     Soils     Water Quality     Waterfalls     Watersheds     Weather and Climate     Weather Records


Life Sciences   

Biology     Birds     Botany     Common Pests and Insects     Ecology     Edible Plants     Environment     Insects     Invasive Plants     Mushrooms     Native Plants     Noxious Weeds     Paleontology     Plant Lists     Poisonous Plants     Reptiles     Snakes     Threatened and Endangered Species     Wetlands     Wildflowers     Zoology


Social Sciences   

Anthropology     Archaeology     Cultural Resources     Economy     History     Law     Legislation     Linguistics     Politics     Sociology 


The Guide covers 60 scientific topics for each of the 63 national parks. 



Presari Digital Guide Science of the National Parks

For the time being, free review copy is available here:  Science of the NP's 

PDF file will download.

The ebook is now available on Amazon here

It only takes a few minutes to grasp how it works and the power and scope of what it delivers.

I welcome comments, ideas and recommendations. 







Presari Digital Guide to Seattle

A real-time Internet search tool for discovering, exploring & leveraging the incredible universe of information online

The Presari Digital Guide to Seattle lets you conduct your own mind-blowing online research of the magnificent city of Seattle. This easy-to-use search tool in an ebook is designed to help you find the best and most current information about every critical and interesting aspect of the town.

Quick Peek

Seattle WA
Best Places to Visit in Seattle WA
Planning a Trip to Seattle WA
Things to Do in Seattle WA
Things to Do with Kids in Seattle WA
Things to Do at Night in Seattle WA
Best Seattle Itineraries
WA Seattle WA Weather
Seattle WA Shopping


Presari Digital Guide to Seattle


The Kindle ebook is now available on Amazon here Presari Digital Guide to Seattle.



Science, Politics and Technology of Dune

Excerpt from Presari Digital Search Tool Dune

The new Presari Digital Search Tool Dune ebook is going up on Amazon. 

This is an ebook that uses Presari search technology. The ebook lists over 250 keywords organized by topic. Presari operates like a TV remote control for search engines. No typing needed. You just click or touch the keywords then click or touch a search engine icon. Voila. The most current results appear.  

Here's an excerpt from the chapter on the Science, Politics and Technology of Dune.

And here's the link to one of my favorite Dune words

Kul Wahad



Comments and ideas welcomed.  



Target Marketing Guide - Investing

I received a request from an author to create a Presari Target Marketing Guide to for the genre keyword Investing.

This ebook utilizes Presari - a specialized search tool that lets you choose where you get information from on the Internet. The guide is designed to help people conduct a purpose-driven targeted proactive outreach easier.  This is an ebook that searches the Internet for you. Each time you change a location or keyword, you get new and different results. This is because publishing online has exploded.

No typing is needed. Just click or touch. The keywords are all done for you. 

The Presari guide is organized into sections to organize the results you get from the universe of websites:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Top 50 US Cities
  • 50 US States
  • Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and other smaller English-speaking countries

Each section then utilizes title keywords to focus on the most important people, influencers, media, groups, organizations, and other important targets.

  • Reviews
  • Reviewers
  • Blogs
  • Bloggers
  • Podcasts
  • Podcasters
  • Author Interviews
  • Radio Shows
  • Influencers
  • Organizations
  • Associations
  • Groups
  • Clubs

I focused on the top 50 cities in the US in the first pass. Here are the results for just the first ten search listings in the investing club section.

Investing Club
Investing Club
Investing Club New York NY
Investing Club Los Angeles CA
Investing Club Chicago IL
Investing Club Houston TX
Investing Club Philadelphia PA
Investing Club Phoenix AZ
Investing Club San Antonio TX
Investing Club San Diego CA
Investing Club Dallas TX
Investing Club San Jose CA

If you click on the link for San Jose CA - Silicon Valley this Presari page opens.

What you do is find the right people based on your purpose. 

When you click or touch this link or graphic, a Presari search page opens up in your browser. Each box offers search engine choices:


General Search: Google and Bing, Ecosia, Baidu and Yandex, and more

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

News and Media: Google news, Bing News, Prime news media and more.


Click or touch a search engine icon and your results open for you. Voila.

Now you can always pick Google or Bing to deliver you information. But if you click on Facebook and go to Groups, you can target your audience and join the groups where you find people who love your genre.

 After you join them, you romance them with post after post that inspires and motivates.  It’s trail of candy style marketing. 

The purpose of the guide is to help you do your own target marketing and PR. You need to create a robust content tool box so you can create the content people need depending on what they publish. Articles and blogs need feature story content. Interviews need talking points and questions and answers. Social media needs pictures, text, links that drive people’s interest.

The purpose of the guide is to help you find your people so you can pitch or post the right people fast. 

You take the right action to match your marketing objectives.

  • Reviewers and Influencers – send them a pitch ask them to do a review.
  • Bloggers – send them a blog post proposal
  • Media - send them a feature story proposal
  • Podcasters, Radio and TV – send them a show proposal
  • Associations, Organizations, Groups and Clubs – send them a proposal to speak and put on a show remotely by Zoom.

The amazing things is that the guide doesn't get stale. People are publishing content every sec ond of every day. Since you are getting search results, you always get the most current information.

And if you learn to use the time tools, you can always see the most recently posted information in real time. 


Inspiration and Motivation for Introverts

A nurse who has been working at home in the menatl health field asked for some inspration and guidance on how to get the most out of her introvert orientation. 

Here's a short list of some Presari keyword shares that open up the world of knowledge and offer ways to deal with, cope and leverage the powers of introversion. 

Presari Mini Guide for Introverts

Social Media Marketing for Introverts
Introvert Author Success Stories
Inspiration for Introverts
Introvert Leadership Management
Best Posts for Introverts on Facebook
Best Posts for Introverts on Twitter
Best Posts for Introverts on Instagram
Best Jobs for Introverts
Introvert Authors
Introvert Bloggers
Introvert Blogs
Introvert Podcasts
Introvert Podcasters
Introvert Clubs
Introvert Organizations
Introvert Groups
Introvert Group Seattle WA
Introvert Group Renton WA

Leverage the results to meet your needs and purpose:

You can learn the way you like to learn by selecting articles, videos or graphical infographics. 

You can start by focusing on the top ranked results and then using the tools to get the most recent results. 

You can click on the news media to see the lastest news coverage. 

You can peruse the social media to see what people are saying in real time. 

You can also find the groups and organizations, join them and engage with them in real time. 


You can 


Book Reviewers Guide from Aspiring Authors United Facebook Group Survey

I conducted a survey of the members of the Aspiring Authors United Facebook Group seeking to tally the types of subgenres in the membership of the group. I received over 250 responses in 48 hours and then sorted the list to identify the top genres.

I then used Presari to create a Digital Guide to the Book Reviewers to match the subgenres of the members who responded. 

The list below searches the top 35 genres in each category, including 4 non-fiction genres and 29 fiction genres listed below.

This list covers:

  • Book Reviewers
  • Amazon Book Reviewers
  • Goodreads Book Reviewers
  • Bookbub Book Reviewers 

Here's how to use them: 

No typing needed. Just click or touch and Presari opens. Then click or touch an icon and your results open. 

You can search the general search engines, social media and news search engines. Once you study the top results. you can get the most current results by time period by using the time tools at each site. 

Once you identify a reviewer, copy their name and then search and find their contact information. Then send them a pitch using the format of the technology they prefer. 

If you click on Facebook, look at the top posts, the latest posts, then click on Groups and find the tribes!  

This is a sample of just one of the dozens of book influencers that you will find in the new Presari Book People Series


Each Presari Book People Guide is designed to speed up your target marketing so you can easily find and pitch book influencers of all types fast in real time.  They include book influencers media, publishing industry people, and include experts, associations, organizations, and groups. They are organized nationally, the top 50 cities, the fifty states, and by social meeia platform.

Each book is genre specific, so if you need one created for your particular work or business, please let me know your genre (or type of industry.   

Have fun! 


Book Reviewers

Nonfiction Book Reviewers

Nonfiction Book Reviewers
Self-help Book Reviewers
Spirituality Book Reviewers
Motivational Book Reviewers

Fiction Book Reviewers

Fiction Book Reviewers
Sci-fi Book Reviewers
Fantasy Book Reviewers
Historical Fiction Book Reviewers
Romance Book Reviewers
Children's Book Reviewers
YA Book Reviewers
Poetry Book Reviewers
Horror Book Reviewers
Memoir Book Reviewers
Paranormal Book Reviewers
Contemporary Fiction Book Reviewers
Mystery Book Reviewers
Short Stories Book Reviewers
Urban Book Reviewers
Women's Fiction Book Reviewers
Action Adventure Book Reviewers
Adventure Fiction Book Reviewers
Christian Book Reviewers
Crime Fiction Book Reviewers
Drama Book Reviewers
Epic Fantasy Book Reviewers
Literary Fiction Book Reviewers
Action Thriller Book Reviewers
Coming of Age Book Reviewers
Dystopian Book Reviewers
Erotic Book Reviewers
Military History Book Reviewers
Political Fiction Book Reviewers

Amazon Amazon Book Reviewers

Nonfiction Amazon Book Reviewers

Nonfiction Amazon Book Reviewers
Self-help Amazon Book Reviewers
Spirituality Amazon Book Reviewers
Motivational Amazon Book Reviewers

Fiction Amazon Book Reviewers

Fiction Amazon Book Reviewers
Sci-fi Amazon Book Reviewers
Fantasy Amazon Book Reviewers
Historical Fiction Amazon Book Reviewers
Romance Amazon Book Reviewers
Children's Amazon Book Reviewers
YA Amazon Book Reviewers
Poetry Amazon Book Reviewers
Horror Amazon Book Reviewers
Memoir Amazon Book Reviewers
Paranormal Amazon Book Reviewers
Contemporary Fiction Amazon Book Reviewers
Mystery Amazon Book Reviewers
Short Stories Amazon Book Reviewers
Urban Amazon Book Reviewers
Women's Fiction Amazon Book Reviewers
Action Adventure Amazon Book Reviewers
Adventure Fiction Amazon Book Reviewers
Christian Amazon Book Reviewers
Crime Fiction Amazon Book Reviewers
Drama Amazon Book Reviewers
Epic Fantasy Amazon Book Reviewers
Literary Fiction Amazon Book Reviewers
Action Thriller Amazon Book Reviewers
Coming of Age Amazon Book Reviewers
Dystopian Amazon Book Reviewers
Erotic Amazon Book Reviewers
Military History Amazon Book Reviewers
Political Fiction Amazon Book Reviewers

Goodreads Book Reviewers

Nonfiction Goodreads Book Reviewers

Nonfiction Goodreads Book Reviewers
Self-help Goodreads Book Reviewers
Spirituality Goodreads Book Reviewers
Motivational Goodreads Book Reviewers

Fiction Goodreads Book Reviewers
Fiction Goodreads Book Reviewers
Sci-fi Goodreads Book Reviewers
Fantasy Goodreads Book Reviewers
Historical Fiction Goodreads Book Reviewers
Romance Goodreads Book Reviewers
Children's Goodreads Book Reviewers
YA Goodreads Book Reviewers
Poetry Goodreads Book Reviewers
Horror Goodreads Book Reviewers
Memoir Goodreads Book Reviewers
Paranormal Goodreads Book Reviewers
Contemporary Fiction Goodreads Book Reviewers
Mystery Goodreads Book Reviewers
Short Stories Goodreads Book Reviewers
Urban Goodreads Book Reviewers
Women's Fiction Goodreads Book Reviewers
Action Adventure Goodreads Book Reviewers
Adventure Fiction Goodreads Book Reviewers
Christian Goodreads Book Reviewers
Crime Fiction Goodreads Book Reviewers
Drama Goodreads Book Reviewers
Epic Fantasy Goodreads Book Reviewers
Literary Fiction Goodreads Book Reviewers
Action Thriller Goodreads Book Reviewers
Coming of Age Goodreads Book Reviewers
Dystopian Goodreads Book Reviewers
Erotic Goodreads Book Reviewers
Military History Goodreads Book Reviewers
Political Fiction Goodreads Book Reviewers

Bookbub Book Reviewers

Nonfiction Bookbub Book Reviewers

Nonfiction Bookbub Book Reviewers
Self-help Bookbub Book Reviewers
Spirituality Bookbub Book Reviewers
Motivational Bookbub Book Reviewers

Fiction Bookbub Book Reviewers

Fiction Bookbub Book Reviewers
Sci-fi Bookbub Book Reviewers
Fantasy Bookbub Book Reviewers
Historical Fiction Bookbub Book Reviewers
Romance Bookbub Book Reviewers
Children's Bookbub Book Reviewers
YA Bookbub Book Reviewers
Poetry Bookbub Book Reviewers
Horror Bookbub Book Reviewers
Memoir Bookbub Book Reviewers
Paranormal Bookbub Book Reviewers
Contemporary Fiction Bookbub Book Reviewers
Mystery Bookbub Book Reviewers
Short Stories Bookbub Book Reviewers
Urban Bookbub Book Reviewers
Women's Fiction Bookbub Book Reviewers
Action Adventure Bookbub Book Reviewers
Adventure Fiction Bookbub Book Reviewers
Christian Bookbub Book Reviewers
Crime Fiction Bookbub Book Reviewers
Drama Bookbub Book Reviewers
Epic Fantasy Bookbub Book Reviewers
Literary Fiction Bookbub Book Reviewers
Action Thriller Bookbub Book Reviewers
Coming of Age Bookbub Book Reviewers
Dystopian Bookbub Book Reviewers
Erotic Bookbub Book Reviewers
Military History Bookbub Book Reviewers
Political Fiction Bookbub Book Reviewers


Romance Book Influencers


As a result of the pandemic, my programmer and I evolved Presari so we could use lists of keywords to create lists of shared searches. This one is about finding romance book influencers. If you have a toolbox with marcom ready to go, you can go to town.


No typing needed. You click or touch the words. Presari opens. Then click or touch a search engine icon, your results open. Then you can use the tools. The time tools in particular will help you refine the results to people who are posting in real time.


To see how easy it is to do your targeted marketing, click on Facebook and go to Groups.  You can target this way on Twitter and LinkedIn as well. Instagram is now taking keyword searches, too. If you have your toolbox with marcom ready, you can engage and post in real time. Pitch away! 


I need a few beta readers to help me polish and finalize the final ebook. The book teaches you how to learn, create the best content, find, and pitch the right people to improve your book marketing. 


f you are interested, please send me a note by email. I will send you a pdf file. If youa re not interested in romance, make sure you tell me your genre, since I can tailor these to anything. 


Many Thanks,




Book Influencers 1 - Romance

Who are Romance Book Influencers?
Finding Your Target Romance Book Audience
Finding Your Romance Book Fans

Finding Romance Book Influencers

Romance Book Beta Readers
Romance Book Critique Groups
Online Romance Book Critique Groups
Amazon Romance Book Reviewers
Goodreads Romance Book Reviewers
Bookbub Romance Book Reviewers

Find Specific Romance Book Influencers

Romance Book Influencer
Romance Book Critique Group
Romance Book Clubs
Romance Book Readers Groups
Romance Book Writers Groups
Romance Book Reviewer
Romance Book Review Site
Romance Book Blog
Romance Book Blogger
Romance Book Podcast
Amazon Romance Book Reviewer



Avoiding Problems in Publishing & Promotion

Avoiding Problems in Publishing & Promotion

I created this post and offered it to Victoria Torley, author and admin for the Facebook group Marketing for Indies, who is developing a current listing of publishing service providers who are scamming people.

Here is a series of Presari keywords that can be used to learn how to recognize the scammers and determine whether a company is conducting their business in an above board manner. The search results access lots of curated articles which identify scams, scammers and questionable practitioners. Once you study the top results, use the time tools to get the most current results. 

Book Publishing Scams

Avoid Self-Publishing Scams

Paid Book Reviews pros cons

The Ethics of Paid Reviews

Book Review Scams

Book Marketing Scams

Author Marketing Services Complaints

Self-Publishing Company Reviews

Amazon Reviews Disappearing

Dealing with Negative Book Reviews

Dealing with Negative Reviews on Amazon

If you want to focus on a single specific company of provider create a search with the comany name plus one or more of the following keywords:

1. complaints, lawsuits, litigation,  

look in the common search engines and the news media for lawsuits and study the reviews, particularly the negative reviews.

2. Another way to learn about the trials and tribulations people are experiencing is to go to the Better Business Bureau site and enter the name of the company and study the history.