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Avoiding the Dangers of Marketing Automation


There are so many people jumping on the automation bandwagon. 


Look before you leap. If your content is spam, you will use the automation to spread spam faster than you ever imagined. It's a sure formula for repuation disaster. GIGO = garbage in garbage out 


Here is a shared Presari search on the Dangers of Marketing Automation


But wait! All isn't lost.


There are also ways to avoid the pitfalls of marketing automation


And once you figure out your content strategy and how you can turn YOUR people on, you can use technology as a force multiplier.


Here are the best tools to automate your marketing and best tools to automate your social media marketing.




How to Identify Fake News

Fake News is everywhere. 

You can't avoid it. You can only do your best to try to recognize it when you encounter it. But how do you tell whether a story is real or fake? 

Here's the consensus:

Consider the source 

Is it reliable or does it have a known slant or even extreme bias. Is it a known, highly regared, authoritative source or is it in a post from lord-knows-who on social media? Look the media source up.

Here are Presari Shared Searches on Lists of Fake News Sites and Media Bias Ratings

Read the Headline and the Article

Is it clickbait? Does it contain radical meme's? Is it satire? Identify the character and tenor of the writing. 

Look Up the Author

Who is the author? What are his or her credentials, education and experience? Are they credible? 

Consider the Source

Is the source a person, expert, oreganization, educational institution, media personality, government or military insitution or spokesperson? 

Data and References to Support the News Article

Is there data and citations and are they valid? Lookl them up. Find double verification from two or more credible sources. 

Look at the Date

Is it current or is it older? While it may not matter, sometimes things get recycled to fit the current events. 

Check the Facts

Ascertain the truth by looking up and searching the issue at the Fact Checker sites. 

Here is a Presari search on List of Fact Checker Sites 


Here is a Presari Shared Search on Distinguishing Real News from Fake News 






Identifying and Reporting Fake Social Media Profiles

Fake Profiles are really common on social media.

 But there are ways to deal with the situation.

 First, learn how to spot a fake profile.

 Then, learn how to report the profile to the particular social media you are on.

Identifying Fake Personas

If you see someone who is calling other people name or ridiculing them, then chances are that they a paid troll - someone who is paid to attack an enemy, especially on political sites. They are basically there to cause people to get angry, waste their time, and reduce the rational discourse of communication, and get people to get disgusted and stop paying attention and participating at the site they are on.

Click on the name of the person in Facebook, you can view their profile and study what they say about themselves and see their posts.

You may be wondering if the person who followed you is truly real or if they are a fake persona.

There are elements of their profile page that can be evaluated:

  • How old is the profile? Is it new or does have few if any posts back in time?
  • Does it look like a real person?
  • Do their photos and other information look real?
  • Does it appear that they have just stolen the photos and identity somewhere?
  • Does it include a normal amount of personal information?
  • How many friends and groups do they belong to?
  • What is the tenor of the posts? Are they consistently extreme and narrow?

All these and others may tip you to a fake persona.

Here is a Presari Shared Search on the keywords

Identify fake social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter

Study the top results. Then learn how to do a people search and apply the criteria.

What to Do When You Suspect or Find a Fake Persona

When you find a fake, you can unfriend them, or block them so you don't see their posts.

But you can also report them.

Facebook and Twitter are evaluating and taking action when fake personas are identified to them

Here are two shared Presari searches that get to the latest and most current guidance on how to report fake personas on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Report Fake Profiles on Facebook

How to Report Fake Profiles on Twitter


Amazon Disappearing Reviews

A ot of Amazon product sellers and book authors are dealing with the Amazon action to clean house and combat fake reviews. 


To stay of top of the current situation, here is a shared Presari search on:


Amazon Disappearing Reviews


And you can always get the update on the most current Amazon Guidelines here


Be sure to read:


About Customer Reviews


Community Guidelines



Self Publishing - Need to Know

Continuous Improvement with Elearning



Shared Presari search on Self Publishing - Need to Know


Embrace the reality - the world of publishing changes every day. 

Everyone is a publisher. 

You need to learn the laste strategies and how to use and deploy the latest technologes.

Search, Find, Learn, Improve. Transform. Repeat. 


Focus on The Three C's - Content, Connections, and Communications. 


Impacts of the Government Shutdown

Real People - Real Impacts


Here is a set of Presari shared search results on "Impacts of a Government Shutdown".


Presari operates like a remote control for your TV only you can fly through search engines, social media, or news media instead of TV stations.  Click or on any search engine icon and the results open for you. The results are always current. 

Shutdown Impact on Republicans

Shutdown impact on Democrats

Shutdown impact on Women  

Shutdown Impact on Children


In the following selection the government, state government, and selected city search engines are all turned on. These are topic specific.  

Impacts of a Government Shutdown on (click on a link to open up the Presari search page):


You can do your own research on any topic or location. Enter the words "Impacts of the Government Shutdown on " at Then tailor your research by adding the keywords you wish to focus on.


Impacts of the Government Shutdown on < specific topic >   


 Impacts of the Government Shutdown on < location - city or state >  .


Impacts will increase with time and be dependent on the duration of the shutdown.  Reporting of impacts are changing very quickly.  


Social Media Contacts for the U.S. Senate 2019



Here are the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the members of the US Senate.


Clicking on a link opens the account. You can then send a message or post a reply. 


Bookmark this site. Place a shortcut on your desktop. This is also available in a downloadable pdf file here.


Share freely. 






Richard Shelby

Alabama ;

Doug Jones


Dan Sullivan

Alaska ;

Lisa Murkowski

Alaska ;

Kyrsten Sinema


Jeff Flake

Arizona ;

Tom Cotton

Arkansas ;

John Boozman

Arkansas ;

Dianne Feinstein

California ;

Kamala Harris


Cory Gardner

Colorado ;

Michael Bennet

Colorado ;

Chris Murphy

Connecticut ;

Richard Blumenthal

Connecticut ;

Chris Coons

Delaware ;

Thomas Carper

Delaware ;

Marco Rubio

Florida ;

Rick Scott


David Perdue

Georgia ;

Johnny Isakson

Georgia ;

Brian Schatz

Hawaii ;

Mazie Hirono

Hawaii ;

Jim Risch


Mike Crapo

Idaho ;

Tammy Duckworth


Richard Durbin

Illinois ;

Mike Braun


Todd Young


Chuck Grassley

Iowa ;

Joni Ernst

Iowa ;

Pat Roberts

Kansas ;

Jerry Moran

Kansas ;

Rand Paul

Kentucky ;

Mitch McConnell


Kennedy, John


Bill Cassidy

Louisiana ;

Angus King

Maine ;

Susan Collins

Maine ;

Chris Van Hollen


Benjamin Cardin

Maryland ;

Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts ;

Edward Markey

Massachusetts ;

Debbie Stabenow

Michigan ;

Gary Peters

Michigan ;

Amy Klobuchar

Minnesota ;

Al Franken

Minnesota ;

Roger Wicker

Mississippi ;

Cindy Hyde-Smith


Josh Hawley

Missouri ;

Roy Blunt

Missouri ;

Jon Tester

Montana ;

Steve Daines

Montana ;

Ben Sasse

Nebraska ;

Deb Fischer

Nebraska ;

Jacky Rosen


Catherine Cortez Mastro


Jeanne Shaheen

New Hampshire ;

Maggie Hassan

New Hampshire n

Robert Menendez

New Jersey ;

Cory Booker

New Jersey ;

Tom Udall

New Mexico ;

Martin Heinrich

New Mexico ;

Chuck Schumer

New York ;

Kirsten Gillibrand

New York ;

Thom Tillis

North Carolina ;

Richard Burr

North Carolina ;

John Hoeven

North Dakota ;

Kevin Cramer

North Dakota

Rob Portman

Ohio ;

Sherrod Brown

Ohio ;

James Lankford

Oklahoma ;

Jim Inhofe

Oklahoma ;

Ron Wyden

Oregon ;

Jeff Merkley

Oregon ;

Patrick Toomey

Pennsylvania ;

Bob Casey, Jr.

Pennsylvania ;

Sheldon Whitehouse

Rhode Island ;

Jack Reed

Rhode Island ;

Tim Scott

South Carolina ;

Lindsey Graham

South Carolina ;

John Thune

South Dakota ;

Mike Rounds

South Dakota ;

Marsha Blackburn


Lamar Alexander

Tennessee r ;

Ted Cruz

Texas ;

John Cornyn

Texas ;

Mike Lee

Utah ;

Mitt Romney


Bernie Sanders

Vermont ;

Patrick Leahy

Vermont ;

Mark Warner

Virginia ;

Tim Kaine

Virginia ;

Patty Murray

Washington ;

Maria Cantwell

Washington ;

Joe Manchin

West Virginia ;

Shelley Moore Capito

West Virginia ;

Ron Johnson

Wisconsin ;

Tammy Baldwin

Wisconsin ;

Mike Enzi

Wyoming ;

John Barrasso

Wyoming ;



Please let me know of any corrections needed.  

Facebook Search Ads Update

Facebook is rolling out some new advertising targeting technology that allows advertisers to target based on the keywords people use when they search Facebook. Reports indicate this apparently is something they tried several years ago but did not deploy at the time. It also apprears to compete with Google which already has this capability. 

You can find out the latest news here:

Facebook Search Ads Update

To get the most current results: 

1. Slice and dice Google and Bing by date.

2. Flip to the Social Media and click on the top posts and the latest posts

3. Flip to the News & Media and focus on the latest articles and features

4. Flip to the Marketing & SEO Media and see what the experts are saying. 





Targeting with Social Media

Finding, Knowing and Growing With Your Target Audiences

You can use social media to find YOUR people whether they be individuals, groups, tribes, companies, organizations, or even in entire societies.

If you can identify and connect with even the smallest group of the right people, you can be more successful. 

There are over 35 social media sites in Presari. You can enter a keyword and hit as many of them as you like.


Targeting Your People

You can target using keywords for a variety of purposes.

Your goal is to find people who are interested in the same things you are interested in. 

Seekers: People who are using keywords in their search.

Offerors: People who use the same keywords in their content.


Which Social Media Are Right for You? 

It depends.

Who are YOUR people.

What do they read, watch and listen to when they make their critical decisions?

What can you do to turn them on?

That will determine the best social media platforms for you.


Use YOUR keywords to find YOUR people.

Go where your people are. Study what they do before jumping in. Learn what they like before you post. Design your content for the right connections and communicate in an exemplary manner with all the right elements - text, photos, links, hashtags.

Participate meaningfully and add significant value to the conversation.

Do not sell. Do not brag. Help the people you can help the most.

Be creative and be useful or entertaining. Do your best doing what you do best.

Pay close attention to what people are asking for and deliver it freely in spades.

You can always do online research to find out the latest strategies and tactics and technology people are using.