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The Google Search Console: Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, and Advice from the Top Experts


The Google Search Console Update went out of beta in late May 2019. The Search Console contains a variety of tools and reports designed to help you measure a web site's search traffic and performance. 

You are able to identify errors and problems and fix the issues. It is designed to help you make your site shows up as well as possible against the competition in Google search results.

Here you go. These three Presari search links open up a world of new education not available in print anywhere.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console Tips & Tricks

Google Search Console Tutorials

Google Search Console Expert


Step 1: Review and digest the top results. Use the slice and dice tools to focus on:

  • Articles, blog posts, whitepapers
  • Images and infographics
  • Videos


Step 2: You can also then flip channels and see who is really cooking in:

  • News Media
  • Social Media


Step 3: Then go back and use the time tools to focus on the most current results, past month, past, week, even the past 24 hours.