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Targeting with Social Media

Finding, Knowing and Growing With Your Target Audiences

You can use social media to find YOUR people whether they be individuals, groups, tribes, companies, organizations, or even in entire societies.

If you can identify and connect with even the smallest group of the right people, you can be more successful. 

There are over 35 social media sites in Presari. You can enter a keyword and hit as many of them as you like.


Targeting Your People

You can target using keywords for a variety of purposes.

Your goal is to find people who are interested in the same things you are interested in. 

Seekers: People who are using keywords in their search.

Offerors: People who use the same keywords in their content.


Which Social Media Are Right for You? 

It depends.

Who are YOUR people.

What do they read, watch and listen to when they make their critical decisions?

What can you do to turn them on?

That will determine the best social media platforms for you.


Use YOUR keywords to find YOUR people.

Go where your people are. Study what they do before jumping in. Learn what they like before you post. Design your content for the right connections and communicate in an exemplary manner with all the right elements - text, photos, links, hashtags.

Participate meaningfully and add significant value to the conversation.

Do not sell. Do not brag. Help the people you can help the most.

Be creative and be useful or entertaining. Do your best doing what you do best.

Pay close attention to what people are asking for and deliver it freely in spades.

You can always do online research to find out the latest strategies and tactics and technology people are using.