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Finding Book Influencers

Here is a Chapter Excerpt from the new upcoming digital search guide Book People 

Each of these links is a shared Presari search which focuses on Finding Key Target Audiences for Authors

Learn what you don't know. Unlearn what you thought you knew. Relearn the newest and best techniques.

Presari operates like a TV remote control - only you flip search engines instead of TV stations - on whatever you want. Just enter a keyword and click or touch a search engine icon. Voila! 

The first search is the general search. You can target more specifically by adding keywords to your search query for the type of book and . 

If you have a membership to Presari you can save your searches and save time by using the searches that matter to you on a regular basis. 


Common Search Engines: 

At Google and Bing, Slice and dice the results by text articles, images, video, news, and more. Learn the way you prefer to learn.

Look at the top results. Recognize where the ads are and the SEO results begin. Then see if you can identify the way the rest of the reslyts are ranked - by social media popularioty and finaly by objective relevance.

Then use the time tools to find the most recent results. Then repeat by the last year, last month, last week, and even the last 24 hours. The time tools tell you who is active in real time. 


News & Media Search Engines

Look at the most recent and current news articles particularly in relevant magazines, trade publications and topical news sites. 


Social Media


Look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to see the top posts. Switch to the latest posts. Identify the groups and organizations.


Podcast Search Engines

Search for podcasts where experts discuss the topic you seek help with.


Publishing Industry Search Engines

Search the experts and go directly to the publishing inductry trade publications and sites.  


Your Target Audience

Your Fans

How to Find Influencers

Beta Readers

Book Critique Groups

Online Critique Groups

Book Clubs

Readers Groups

Writers Groups

Book Reviewers

Book Review Sites

Book Bloggers

Book Podcasts

Amazon Book Reviewers