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Science of the National Parks

Excerpt from the new Presari Digital Guide

Here is an excerpt from the new Presari Digital Guide to the Science of the National Parks.

Science of Yosemite National Park


Physical Sciences    

Air Quality     Astronomy     Climate     Climate Change     Drinking Water Quality     Drinking Water Quality Hazards     Earthquakes     Environmental Hazards     Extreme Weather     Fire Hazards     Flood Hazards     Flood Plains     Fossils     Geography     Geologic Map     Geology     Geomorphology     Hydrology     Landforms     Landslide Hazards     Meteorology     Natural Disasters     Rocks and Minerals     Soils     Water Quality     Waterfalls     Watersheds     Weather and Climate     Weather Records


Life Sciences   

Biology     Birds     Botany     Common Pests and Insects     Ecology     Edible Plants     Environment     Insects     Invasive Plants     Mushrooms     Native Plants     Noxious Weeds     Paleontology     Plant Lists     Poisonous Plants     Reptiles     Snakes     Threatened and Endangered Species     Wetlands     Wildflowers     Zoology


Social Sciences   

Anthropology     Archaeology     Cultural Resources     Economy     History     Law     Legislation     Linguistics     Politics     Sociology 


The Guide covers 60 scientific topics for each of the 63 national parks. 



Presari Digital Guide Science of the National Parks

For the time being, a free review copy is available here:  Science of the NP's 

PDF file will download.

The ebook is now available on Amazon here

It only takes a few minutes to grasp how it works and the power and scope of what it delivers.

I welcome comments, ideas and recommendations.