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Digital Guide to the Top Political Issues 2021

Here is the new Presari Guide to the Issues 2021.  This page can be freely used.  Share the link to this page freely. 

This tool is designed  to save you time and help you research the issues and recognize media bias based on current classifications from noted authorities. 

You can select and research a topic and evaluate the manner in which it is being reported based on the classification for the source you are using.

There are 14 topics each with a list of more detailed issues.   

No typing is needed. Click or touch a topic. A Presari search page opens up. The keyword is pre-loaded. Then click or touch a search engine icon and the results open for you. You can search:

• General Search Engines

• Social Media

• News Search Engines

• Legal Search Engines

• Political Media Search Engines organized into groups based on validated current classifications by the Media Fact Check and Media Bias.

             Left (Liberal)  --  Lean Left  --  Center  --   Lean Right  --  Right (Conservative)

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The results are always fresh. You can then always use the time tools and other tools to sort and filter the information.

The list of issues is updated periodically and requests and ideas for additional categories and topics are welcomed. 


Paul Krupin, BA MS JD

509-531-8390 cell 509-582-5174 landline

Creator of Presari


Top Political Issues    

Top Political Policy Issues     Climate Change Policy     Coronavirus Trump Response Policy     Corruption Policy     Cronyism Policy     Economy Policy     Environment Policy     Federal Budget Policy     Federal Deficit Policy     Global Warming Policy     Government Spending Policy     Gun Control Policy     Health Care Policy     Immigration Policy     Jobs & Employment Policy     National Security Policy

Social Policy Issues 

Top Social Policy Issues     Abortion Policy     Confederate Flag Policy     Death Penalty Policy     First Amendment Policy     Gay Marriage Policy     Gender Identity Policy     Gender Workplace Diversity Policy     Government Mandates Policy     Homelessness Policy     Hunger Policy     LGBT Adoption Policy     Marriage Equality Policy     Planned Parenthood Funding Policy     Poverty Policy     Racial Conflicts Policy     Racial Diversity Policy     Rape Policy     Religious Freedom Policy     Safe Spaces Policy     Separation of Church & State Policy     Women in Combat Policy     Women’s Choice Policy     Women’s Rights Policy

Immigration Policy Issues 

Top Immigration Policy Issues     Border Security Policy     Border Wall Policy     DACA Policy     Dreamers Act Policy     Deporting Criminal Immigrants Policy     Immigrant Detention Camps Policy     Illegal Immigration Detainment Policy     Immigrant Children Policy     Immigrant Laborers Policy     Immigration Policy     Immigration Assimilation Policy     Immigration Ban Policy     Immigration Healthcare Policy     Migrant Camps Policy     Muslim Immigrants Policy     Sanctuary Cities Policy

Domestic Policy Issues

Top Domestic Policy Issues     Affirmative Action Policy     Armed Teachers Policy     Assault Weapons Policy     Domestic Surveillance Policy     Drug Policy     Gerrymandering Policy     Gun Control Policy     Gun Liability Policy     Muslim Surveillance Policy     Net Neutrality Policy     No-Fly Gun Control List Policy     Social Media Regulation Policy     Social Security Policy     Term Limits Policy     Whistleblower Protection Policy

Healthcare Policy Issues

Top Health Care Policy Issues     Abortion Policy     Affordable Care Act Policy     Coronavirus Update Policy     Coronavirus Vaccination Plans Policy     Drug Price Regulation Policy     Drug Prices Policy     Marijuana Policy     Medicaid Policy     Medicare Policy     Mental Health Policy     Pre-Existing Conditions Policy     Single-Payer Healthcare Policy     VA Privatization Policy

Economic Policy Issues

Top Economic Policy Issues     Bitcoin Policy     Capital Gains Tax Policy     China Tariffs Policy     Corporate Taxes Policy     Domestic Jobs Policy     Economic Stimulus Policy     Equal Pay Policy     Estate Taxes Policy     Farm Subsidies Policy     Federal Deficits Policy     Federal Reserve Policy     Funding For The Arts Policy     Government Pensions Policy     Government Spending Policy     Labor Unions Policy     Mal-distribution Of Wealth Policy     Minimum Wage Policy     NAFTA Policy     Offshore Banking Policy     Online Sales Tax Policy     Overtime Pay Policy     Paid Sick Leave Policy     Pension Reform Policy     Property Taxes Policy     Tariffs Policy     Tax Reform Policy     Taxes Policy     Trans-Pacific Partnership Policy     Welfare Benefits Policy     Welfare Drug Testing Policy

Electoral Policy Issues

Top Electoral Policy Issues     Campaign Finance Policy     Campaign Finance Reform Policy     Candidate Transparency Policy     Criminal Politicians Policy     Cronyism Policy     Electoral College Policy     Federal Judge Appointments Policy     Foreign Lobbying Policy     Gerrymandering Policy     Lobbyists Policy     Mail in Voting Policy     Nepotism Policy     Supreme Court Appointments Policy     Voter Fraud Policy     Voter Rights Policy     Voter Suppression Minimum Voting Age Policy     Manipulation and Incompetence In Government Policy     Russian Interference in US Elections Policy

Environmental Health Safety Policy Issues

Top Environmental Health Safety Policy Issues     Alternative Energy Policy     Climate Change Policy     Consumer Protections Policy     Dakota Access Pipeline Policy     Disaster Preparedness Policy     Emergency Response Policy     Environmental Protection Policy     Fracking Policy     Global Warming Policy     Health and Technology Policy     Oil Drilling Policy     Paris Agreement Policy     Plastic Product Ban Policy     Renewable Energy Policy     Research Environment Policy     Sea Level Rise Policy     Sustainable Environment Policy

Foreign Affairs Policy

Top Foreign Affairs Policy Issues     Africa Policy     Australia Policy     Brazil Policy     Canada Policy     China Policy     Cuba Policy     Egypt Policy     European Union Policy     Great Britain Policy     Indonesia Policy     Iran Policy     Ireland Policy     Israel Policy     Jordan Policy     Korea Policy     Mexico Policy     Russia Policy     Syria Policy     Ukraine Policy     Venezuela Policy     Yemen Policy

Foreign Policy Issues

Top Foreign Policy Issues     Brexit Policy     Drone Strikes Policy     F-35 Funding Policy     Foreign Aid Policy     Foreign Elections Policy     Military Spending Policy     NAFTA Policy     NATO Policy     NSA Surveillance Policy     Terrorism Policy     Torture Policy     United Nations Policy     USMCA Policy

Criminal Policy Issues

Top Criminal Policy Issues     Black Lives Matter Policy     Criminal Voting Rights Policy     Death Penalty Policy     Defunding the Police Policy     Drug Trafficking Penalties Policy     Police Use of Force Policy     Policy Body Cameras Policy     Prison Overcrowding Policy     Solitary Confinement for Juveniles Policy

Science Policy Issues

Top Science Policy Issues     Genetically Modified Foods Policy     Mandatory Vaccinations Policy     Oil & Gas Policy     Nuclear Energy Policy     Pipelines Policy     Space Exploration Policy     Technology Innovation Policy

Education Policy Issues

Top Education Policy Issues     Charter Schools Policy     Common Core Policy     Education Funding Policy     Public Education Policy     Religion in Schools Policy     Student Loans Policy     Teacher Pay Policy

National Security Policy Issues

Top National Security Policy Issues     Domestic Spying Policy     Domestic Terrorism Policy     Foreign Assassination Policy     Military Budget Approval Policy     National Security Policy     Pre-Emptive War Policy     Protests Policy     Putin Bounty on US Soldiers Policy     National Security Social Media

Transportation Policy Issues

Top Transportation Policy Issues     Airports Policy     Bridges Policy     Energy Grid Policy     Infrastructure Development Policy     Infrastructure Maintenance Policy     Mass Transit Policy     Public Transportation Policy     Roads Policy     Schools Policy

Technology Policy Issues

Top Technology Policy Issues     Big Data in Politics Policy     Defending Democracy Politics Policy     Ethics for Artificial Intelligence Policy     Free Speech on Social Media Policy     Internet Inequality Policy     Jobs in Technology Policy     Journalism and Politics Policy     Nanotechnology Policy     National Sovereignty Policy     Privacy Policy     Artificial Intelligence Policy     Social Media Regulation Policy     Sustainability Policy     Technology Policy     Cold War Policy