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How It Works

To Operate Presari

 Simple Operation: Swipe or scroll, then click or touch.

Start by clicking on the   Pro Search button.

Click on the  Building Blocks Icon to access your Source Groups.

Select a Source Group. Your selections appear.

Enter a keyword.  Click or touch an icon. 

Voila!  Your results open right up.  

You can then fly through the sources that matter and get the most relevant information fast. 

Results are it's always current - never get stale. 

Tailor Your Presari Dashboard

1. Click on the  Settings button. 

2. Create a new Source Group (click on the + sign) or click to edit an existing Source Group.

3.  Create a Name or edit the Label for your Source Group.

> Choose to Organize by Group (or not) and to Share with Team Members (if you have any). 

> Do a long hold with your cursor on an icon to select any search engine as your Default Search Engine. Results will use this selection if you do a hard return. 

4. Then click on a Source Category and select the Search Engines you want in that group.  

 > Green is on Blue is off. You can also select All or None

5.  Then click on the  Save Selection button.  Repeat with up to 12 Source Groups (with up to 200 sources in any group). 

6.  Click on the Presari Fermata    Return to the Pro Search Page to use your new Presari search selections.


Presari Toolbox - Icons

 Speed up your research and save time. Just click on an icon to take action. 



Presari Keyword Helpers


   Presari contains over 100 Keyword Helpers that have been selected to save time, reduce or eliminate typing, and enhance learning. They are carefully designed to improve the results you get when you search. You can click and fly through the right sources fast. 

You turn these 'no-typing needed' drop down menus on or off on the fly. They operate like a restaurant menu. To select keywords, just pick it and click it.  One from column A - one from Column B. 

There are keyword helpers provided for: 

  • specific topics of interest 
  • search engines categories
  • personal interest words you can save ("My Terms") 

You can select and modify the lists you wish to make use of in Settings.  

   The Curated Search Library contains detailed long tail phrases that have been carefully developed and organized to create an easy-to-use sequence and structure for online learning. 

Rotate your keywords to increase your knowledge of new topics and critical skills development. 


Tailor Your Keyword Helpers




You can tailor your   Keyword Helpers anytime.

1. Click on the  Settings button. 

2. Click on the  Keyword Helpers folder.

3. Study the options. Click on the checkbox for the keyword helpers you wish to use. 

4. You can also add words to create your own "My Terms" keyword helper list.

5. Then click on a Update Button   

6. Click on the Presari Fermata    Return to the Pro Search Page to use your new Presari search selections.


Save Your Favorites Search Capability


Presari gives you the ability to save your favorite searches. 


This useful capability allows you to monitor topics on a daily or even continuous basis in real time quickly, with no typing needed.


  Click on the Plus Sign Icon to Save a Search. You can create and save a search to any of several groups to organize them. 


 Click on the Hearts Icon to access Your Favorites. Then just click on your saved search and it will be entered into the search box.  


Click on the Favorites Button to add a Favorites Group or manage your Your Favorites.  Name the group and click create and the Favorite Group will be added to your Favorites options.



Blast off with the efficient One-Clicks


Presari One-Clicks let you conduct a search on up to nine hand selected search engines at once. 

You also get five One-Clicks with a single membership. 

This time-saving feature has many applications. No repeat typing is needed.

Voila! One click opens all the results in new tabs or windows.  

This delivers you multiple-source critical intelligence right from where you need it.

You can design them for instant people search, news search, or competition monitoring - what ever you want. 

Quick – in real time.   

Share Your Searches


You can save and share searches several ways. This capability allows you to give the gift of knowledge to others which can be a benefit to those who receive the information and a benefit to you as well. Depending on the Presari plan you can share:

  • individual searches
  • groups of searches

When you share, you select the right keywords and also choose the best sources of information for people on the key topics of interest:

  • events
  • products or services
  • health and fitness information
  • answers to technical or personal or business issues
  • helpful guidance on issues or problems needing to be addressed

Sharing has benefits to everyone involved and can be a powerful to to improve personal and professional branding.

Sharing allows you to be seen as a helpful person, or even an expert, on topics that confront people frequently.

You can monitor changes that are occuring in the world or online and quickly make use of the sites you prefer.

You can also provide the best information and answers to people contemplating important and expensive or even life-changing decisions or purchases. 

Timely Searches

Presari is updated continuously to give you instant access to the most current news and newsmakers.