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How to Get Rid of the Commercial Sites (.coms) in your Search Results


Years ago, when I wrote the Magic Search Words, I wrote about The Minus Dot Com Trick.

Very simply when you do a search and want to get past the hype associated with commercial web sites, you add the following keyword to your query in the text box.

You could use this technique and watch the number of sites returned get reduced very significantly. 

Only nowadays, it doesn't work as well as it used to.  A lttile more is needed to get to where you see no .coms in your results. 

And not all search engines respond to the command the same way. 

Using Presari for a Job Search (Part 1)

The method entails using the search engines to identify and target certain types of people in certain specific locations.

Here are the steps:

  1. First, identify what you love to do.
  2. Then, identify and develop a list of the people, businesses and organizations who will allow you to do what you love (and will even pay you for your contributions in small bite size pieces of deliverable work).
  3. Finally, locate and then contact the people in your desired location who are most likely to offer the opportunities you seek.

Using Presari for a Job Search (Part 2)

Use Presari to create the search query.

Here’s an example for a student who dreams of being an intern, at engineering companies, in the town where she lives.

Her goal is to spend her time online effectively and use the Internet to reach the right people who can help her get the job she wants.

Her specific objective is to identify the people, organizations and companies who might have what she is looking for. Once she identifies the possible opportunities, she will apply for the positions.

The process is this: Search, Find, Match, Apply.

Search: Enter the following keywords: "engineering, Richland, WA"

Image Title: Click on Google or click on Bing.  

Voila - targeted list.
Click on Google or click on Bing. Voila - targeted list.

Look at the results carefully. You have instant access to a road map which locates each company and the list on the left gives you the name, address, phone, directions, hours, phone and a link to their website.

Now create a list of other types of keywords related to engineering.

Research Laboratory
General Contractors

Now do the search word rotation, repeating the keyword searches

For each separate search, take note, using web clipper, or Evernote, or Google Docs to record where you find resources and assets you want to pursue.

Develop an action plan that will create your target list of people to study, visit and contact.

Do one search at a time.  Rotate though your keywords. Change out the target key words to synonyms like architects, irrigation, constructors, etc., and so on.

Now repeat the searches from the beginning but rotate through your target locations. Switch out the one city, state and search the same topic words using another location.

Then vary the location (switch Richland, Wa to another city) and do it again.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Ten words and ten locations means lots of systematic searching.

Using Presari for a Job Search (Part 3)

The next action is to go to the people and identify the jobs and opportunities that really match your skills, capabilities and desires. Then apply, apply, apply.

Do the two step.

First, you head to the office to collect 1. information about the business and its owners and 2. Collect the business cards of the key people you want to see. Then you go home.

Next step is to write three things:

1. a personal letter with

2. a tailored targeted one page business proposal

3. combined functional chronological resume.

To create your one page business proposal, get a copy of The One Page Proposal by Patrick G. Riley. 

Then you hit the road again.  Try to call ahead to get permission for a one-minute package delivery conversation with your target individual, the President, owner or HR manager, Department Manager, and then you head back.  If you go before or after business hours, you stand a better chance of being able to do a face to face than during business hours. 

Even if you can’t get a meeting, no matter, here is the most crucial step: You have to ask and see if you can hand deliver your package to that person, or at least to the executive assistant for that person. 

Be prepared to give a thirty second to one-minute speech. But keep it really brief. You must perform as well as you can possibly perform or demonstrate your willingness to do what it takes on the spot. You have to show them that you got what it takes.  

If you see a mess, grab a broom. Work for free. Volunteer. Keep working till someone comes over and says, “who the hell are you?”

Then you follow up to ask for an appointment with the person or people that matters.