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Identifying and Reporting Fake Social Media Profiles

Fake Profiles are really common on social media.

 But there are ways to deal with the situation.

 First, learn how to spot a fake profile.

 Then, learn how to report the profile to the particular social media you are on.

Identifying Fake Personas

If you see someone who is calling other people name or ridiculing them, then chances are that they a paid troll - someone who is paid to attack an enemy, especially on political sites. They are basically there to cause people to get angry, waste their time, and reduce the rational discourse of communication, and get people to get disgusted and stop paying attention and participating at the site they are on.

Click on the name of the person in Facebook, you can view their profile and study what they say about themselves and see their posts.

You may be wondering if the person who followed you is truly real or if they are a fake persona.

There are elements of their profile page that can be evaluated:

  • How old is the profile? Is it new or does have few if any posts back in time?
  • Does it look like a real person?
  • Do their photos and other information look real?
  • Does it appear that they have just stolen the photos and identity somewhere?
  • Does it include a normal amount of personal information?
  • How many friends and groups do they belong to?
  • What is the tenor of the posts? Are they consistently extreme and narrow?

All these and others may tip you to a fake persona.

Here is a Presari Shared Search on the keywords

Identify fake social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter

Study the top results. Then learn how to do a people search and apply the criteria.

What to Do When You Suspect or Find a Fake Persona

When you find a fake, you can unfriend them, or block them so you don't see their posts.

But you can also report them.

Facebook and Twitter are evaluating and taking action when fake personas are identified to them

Here are two shared Presari searches that get to the latest and most current guidance on how to report fake personas on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Report Fake Profiles on Facebook

How to Report Fake Profiles on Twitter