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How to Identify Fake News

Fake News is everywhere. 

You can't avoid it. You can only do your best to try to recognize it when you encounter it. But how do you tell whether a story is real or fake? 

Here's the consensus:

Consider the source 

Is it reliable or does it have a known slant or even extreme bias. Is it a known, highly regared, authoritative source or is it in a post from lord-knows-who on social media? Look the media source up.

Here are Presari Shared Searches on Lists of Fake News Sites and Media Bias Ratings

Read the Headline and the Article

Is it clickbait? Does it contain radical meme's? Is it satire? Identify the character and tenor of the writing. 

Look Up the Author

Who is the author? What are his or her credentials, education and experience? Are they credible? 

Consider the Source

Is the source a person, expert, oreganization, educational institution, media personality, government or military insitution or spokesperson? 

Data and References to Support the News Article

Is there data and citations and are they valid? Lookl them up. Find double verification from two or more credible sources. 

Look at the Date

Is it current or is it older? While it may not matter, sometimes things get recycled to fit the current events. 

Check the Facts

Ascertain the truth by looking up and searching the issue at the Fact Checker sites. 

Here is a Presari search on List of Fact Checker Sites 


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