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The Changing World of Social Media Advertising

Thought I’d share with you one of the ways I use Presari to educate people when they are interested in a topic.

Here’s a focused list of shared Presari searches to cover the changing world of social media advertising:  

 Social Media Advertising

Google Advertising

Bing Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Twitter Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Amazon Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Pinterest Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Snapchat Advertising

HubSpot Advertising

Reddit Advertising

Each one opens up a Presari search page that has the common search engines, news & media, social media and marketing and SEO specialty search engines.

If you use the Keywords >> Sources >> Tools sequence, you can not only get the top results at each search engine or specialty source, but you can slice and dice to see articles, images, and videos, and then use the time tools to get the most recent information.

This makes it really easy to see 1. the top ranked results (alorithm driven); 2. the latest news and authoritive contributions from experts; 3. what people are saying in real time; and 4. filtered geographic and group/organizational content as well.

Of course, if you focus on the social media, you can take the opportunity to engage in real time or drill down to the contacts and pitch to the right people to your hearts content.

Presari lets you do this on any topic of interest.

And of course, the results are always current.