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Digital Hiker's Guides to Oregon and Washington

These ebooks are available for free download. They utilize Presari - a time-saving online research tool I created to help get the most out of your time online. In these ebooks, the keywords are preloaded. No typing is needed. Just click or touch on the topic that interests you. 

Presari Digital Hiker's Guide to Oregon

Presari Digital Hiker's Guide to Oregon

Presari Digital Hiker's Guide to Washington

You can either download the pdf file or use the online viewer. 

The books for each state are organized by region. Within each region you can access

  • Statewide Perspective
  • National Parks, National Monuments, National Forests
  • National Wilderness Areas, National Recreation Areas, National Wildlife Refuges, National Wild & Scenic Rivers
  • National Scenic Highways, Rivers, and Trails,
  • State Parks, State Forests, State Wildlife Areas, State Recreation Areas
  • Parks and Hiking Trails near the Major Cities & by County
  • Hiking Trails near Mountain Passes and Mountain Peaks
  • Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing and Sno-Parks
  • Hiking Clubs & Organizations
  • ADA Accessible Parks, Hiking Trails, Camping and Fishing
  • CalTopo Maps

Adjacent destinations in nearby areas to each state are also included.

Bottom line: Start at the table of contents, then click or touch region or a destination, then click or touch a search engine icon. Voila. 

Comments greatly appreciated.