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Avoiding Problems in Publishing & Promotion

Avoiding Problems in Publishing & Promotion

I created this post and offered it to Victoria Torley, author and admin for the Facebook group Marketing for Indies, who is developing a current listing of publishing service providers who are scamming people.

Here is a series of Presari keywords that can be used to learn how to recognize the scammers and determine whether a company is conducting their business in an above board manner. The search results access lots of curated articles which identify scams, scammers and questionable practitioners. Once you study the top results, use the time tools to get the most current results. 

Book Publishing Scams

Avoid Self-Publishing Scams

Paid Book Reviews pros cons

The Ethics of Paid Reviews

Book Review Scams

Book Marketing Scams

Author Marketing Services Complaints

Self-Publishing Company Reviews

Amazon Reviews Disappearing

Dealing with Negative Book Reviews

Dealing with Negative Reviews on Amazon

If you want to focus on a single specific company of provider create a search with the comany name plus one or more of the following keywords:

1. complaints, lawsuits, litigation,  

look in the common search engines and the news media for lawsuits and study the reviews, particularly the negative reviews.

2. Another way to learn about the trials and tribulations people are experiencing is to go to the Better Business Bureau site and enter the name of the company and study the history.