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Romance Book Influencers


As a result of the pandemic, my programmer and I evolved Presari so we could use lists of keywords to create lists of shared searches. This one is about finding romance book influencers. If you have a toolbox with marcom ready to go, you can go to town.


No typing needed. You click or touch the words. Presari opens. Then click or touch a search engine icon, your results open. Then you can use the tools. The time tools in particular will help you refine the results to people who are posting in real time.


To see how easy it is to do your targeted marketing, click on Facebook and go to Groups.  You can target this way on Twitter and LinkedIn as well. Instagram is now taking keyword searches, too. If you have your toolbox with marcom ready, you can engage and post in real time. Pitch away! 


I need a few beta readers to help me polish and finalize the final ebook. The book teaches you how to learn, create the best content, find, and pitch the right people to improve your book marketing. 


f you are interested, please send me a note by email. I will send you a pdf file. If youa re not interested in romance, make sure you tell me your genre, since I can tailor these to anything. 


Many Thanks,




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