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Wheelchair Accessible Trails – Eastern Washington and Oregon

New Presari technology takes map publishing up a notch

This post illustrates a new way to publish a map with live embedded search links using Presari.

Presari is like a TV remote control that flips search engines instead of TV shows. You can focus the searches on any topic of interest. In this case, The one page document curates hiking trails in eastern Washington that offer wheelchair friendly trails. 

Each number and link opens up a Presari search page that allows you to:

  • Do a Google-Bing side by side comparison and use the slice and dice tools at each site to get the most receint results as well as information in text, images, or video
  • View the latest news media coverage by selecting the news search engines or dozens of specific media channels
  • Search the latest posts and the top posts on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Vimeo and many more
  • and then get results from the specialty search engines using government and outdoor recreation sites. 

The pdf file can be downloaded and the Presari pages can be shared. 

This takes elearning to a new level using rich embedded searchable links. Maps can be created to identify anything of interest like museums, wineries, restaurants, health clubs, and much more. 


ADA Map for Eastern Washington