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Babesia and Lyme Disease

Best Treatment Information and Guidance


A colleague and friend was diagnosed with Babesiosis - a disease that came from a tick bite. It's an experience you don't want to have. This post uses Presari to open up the latest research on treating babesia. 


Getting the right tests done to diagnose it properly can be difficult.  It's not easy finding a doctor who is knowledgeable enought to get the right tests done when confronted with the symptoms. 


Babesia Testing


Getting the right treatment can also be problematic. Babesiosis does not respond to regular anti-biotics and often requires a repeat dose regimen of anti-malarial drugs combined with other specialty drugs. 


Babesiosis treatment


Questions to Ask the Doctor Lyme Disease


Questions to Ask the Doctor Babesiosis


Coping with Babesiosis


Presari operates like a TV remote only you flip search engines instead of TV shows on whatever you want.


Words matter and not all search engines are created equal. Some are better than others.


Use Google and Bing to get access to the general search engines. In each case, then slice and dice the results using the time tools to focus the results on the most recent results - say the last month or year. 


The news media can also be helpful and offer insights you may not yet have discovered. 


The social media can be used to identify people, groups and organizations who cover Lyme Disease. 


When I did these I opened up all the Medical Search Engines. Some of these are relevant and others are not. Choose wisely.  


Many of the medical search engines also do not do well with phrase search queries. The best results will come from using just the disease word and then drilling down by relevance and date using the specialized tools available at the site you are using.