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Family Friendly & ADA Wheelchair Accessible Trails – Eastern Washington and Oregon

Digital interactive map ADA Accessible Parks and Hiking Trails


Presari is like a TV remote control that flips search engines instead of TV shows. You can focus the searches on any topic of interest. In this case, The one page document identifies parks and hiking trails in eastern Washington that offer flat, easy-to walk on, wheelchair friendly trails and paths.

Click on a number on the map or the list on the left. A Presari search page will open up. 

  • You can then use the general search engines. You can choose information in text, images, or video. Click on the maps on the results pages. 

I prefer Bing - it's better than Google. It is a digital hiker's guide with photos, dynamic maps, dozens of choices, and drop-down filters.  You can click on the maps and drill down to the trail details, reports and maps. Try it and you'll see for yourself.

  • View the latest news media coverage by selecting the news search engines or dozens of specific media channels

This will bring up newspaper and magazine articles from the local area as well as the region and beyond. 

  • You can then look at the social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Vimeo and many more

Facebook posts can be sorted by top post, by date, and by location. So use the tools to refine the results. 

  • and you can use the Outdoor and Travel search engines to find curated articles or use specialized databases like AirBnB, WTA, Free Campgrounds, REI, and many other sources of quality information. 

The pdf file can be downloaded for free and shared freely.  

Calling All Digital Hikers!  Operational Tips:   You can then enter trail names at and use their interactive maps to create your own usgs trail maps and photos. Take snapshots of the maps to your phone galleries. So you don't have to use up your battery so fast.

ADA Map for Eastern Washington