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Finding the best information on the Internet

When you search, you use keywords, and the search engines deliver and rank pages and sites with that contain what you ask for.

But if what you seek is an answer from an authoritative strategist, chances are that you will need to search on the words that expert utilizes to discuss the topic.

You need to figure out some of those words to get you in the ballpark.

If you don’t use the right words, you aren’t likely to get back what you are looking for.

GIGO – garbage in, garbage out.

But if you do use the right words, the Magic Search Words, then it may be more like

MIMO – magic in, magic out.

You can start anywhere and expand the directions, diversity, depth and quality of the knowledge and data you seek and find.

Observation leads to better understanding, which leads to inspiration, which triggers creativity and results in innovation.

You need to read what you find and be curious, inquisitive and mindful about what you are finding. You ask yourself questions to develop better knowledge, so as to redirect your experience. Look for problem solving words and solution words. Identify the technical action words. Then look them up in a thesaurus to identify synonyms and related words.  

Match the technical level of the words you search on to your level of understanding.  Then move your level up a grade and try again. 

Choose the sources - the authorities the same way.  Start with magazines and lay publications, then move to technical journals. 

Search, Find, Refine, Improve. Repeat.

Adapt and change. Repeat.

Fulfill new needs and expectations. Repeat.