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How Are We Going to Learn?

Basic education technology required – PC, portable laptop, or a smart phone

The world is changing quickly. Everyone is publisher. Things change every day. Nothing stays the same.

How do you learn what is new?   How do you find the latest or the best information?

How do you find the best sources of information?

How do you keep up to date? How do you learn new skills?  How do you reinvent?  

You must look beyond yourself. You must avail yourself of the work others are doing.

Knowledge creates opportunity.

Knowledge gives you inspiration and the energy and drive to focus on creating a new and better life.

Search gives you access to the new frontier. Search and you will find. 

Look for new ideas. Vary the content you consume.

Look for food that tastes good to you. Food for thought. 

Make new recipes out of the things that taste good and feel good.

Start cooking now.