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How Good is the Content You Post?


Enter the Words 'Best Content to Post on Facebook" at 

Then soak up the ideas, strategies, tips and advice. 

Using Presari's no typing needed Keyword Helpers, conduct a structured DIY course to learn how to create the best content on social media. 

After researching and leveraging what you learn from one effort, rotate to the other social media platforms you use: Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, Reddit, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. 

Each time, search and learn some more. Use what you learn to improve your success.


Now How Good is Your Post? 

Evaluate your success using the following metrics - numbers that matter and that determine your choices.

For each post, determine the number #, quality Q, and revenue $ created by posts:


Page Visits = # 

Comments = # + Q 

Likes = # + Q 

Shares = #  + Q 

Sales = # times $ 

Gifts = # times $$ 

Quantity Sales = # times $$$ 

Signings & Demos = # times $$ 

Talks & Presentations = # times $$$ 

Seminars & Classes = # times $$$$ 

Contracts for Services = # times $$$$ 


Identify the best actions. 

For each metric, identify something you have very specific control over - something you cna very deliberately change, control and manage.

Now test, test, test. and refine, refine, refine. 

If it works, do more of it. If it doesn't, stop and do something else. 

Focus on doing the things that produce the maximum results.