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How to get better at anything and everything

Continuous improvement comes down to doing doing just two things:

  1. Learn something new 
  2. Improve what you are doing right now

Then repeat these two things. 

Try it. 

Focus on your next meal. 

  1. Search on gourmet salad dressing recipes.  Pick a new recipe.
  2. Make a salad with the new recipe. 

This simple process can be used in every aspect of your life. 

This story was shared on Facebook today. 

Husband: What's the matter?

Wife: Just trying to wrap my head around things.

Husband: Don't try. It's too big. It just hurts your head. Just wrap your arms around me.

Wife: (hugging him) That's the best part. That's the best part of life.

Husband: For me, too. That's the part that makes sense.

Wife: (kissing his neck)

Husband: (laughing) On the lips!

Try it! It works!