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Social Media Links to Fox News & More

Here is a short link to this page:   Share freely. 


This Social Media Cheat Sheet contains the social media links to the primary hosts on Fox TV and a few other conservative media.  There are 22 main listings here.

Create a core message. 

Then just click on the link you wish to use and the page will open for you.

You can then tailor your message, and send or post it to their Twitter, Facebook and Email accounts.


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Fox News     

                Twitter: foxnews Facebook: FoxNews  Email

Steve Hilton, Host - The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton          

                Twitter: stevehiltonx     Facebook: NextRevFNC                                  Email:

Tucker Carlson, Host Tucker Carlson Tonight

                Twitter: TuckerCarlson Facebook: TuckerCarlsonTonight               Email:

Howard Kurtz, Host - #MediaBuzz

                Twitter: HowardKurtz    Facebook: MediaBuzzFNC                             Email:

Chris Wallace, Host - FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace

                Twitter: Foxnewssunday      Facebook: FoxNewsSunday                  Email:

Neil Cavuto, Host Your World with Neil Cavuto

                Twitter: TeamCavuto     Facebook: TeamCavuto                                  Email:

Heather Childers, Host - FOX & Friends First

                Twitter: HeatherChilders     Facebook: FoxFriendsFirst                    Email:

Steve Doocy, Host -  FOX & Friends’

                Twitter: stevedoocy       Facebook: FoxFriendsFirst                             Email:

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Host - The Five

                Twitter: kimguilfoyle     Facebook: TheFiveFNC                                   Email:

Greg Gutfeld, Host - The Greg Gutfeld Show

                Twitter: greggutfeld       Facebook: GregGutfeldShow                       Email:

Sean Hannity, Host -  Hannity

                Twitter:  SeanHannity    Facebook: SeanHannity                                  Email:

Pete Hegseth, Host - FOX & Friends Weekend

                Twitter: PeteHegseth    Facebook: PeteHegseth                                 Email:

Brian Kilmeade, Host - FOX & Friends

                Twitter: kilmeade            Facebook: foxandfriends                               Email:

Mark Levin, Host - Life, Liberty & Levin

                Twitter: MarkLevinShow      Facebook: marklevinshow                    Email:

Dana Perino, Host - The Five

                Twitter: DanaPerino       Facebook: TheFiveFNC                                   Email:

Jeanine Pirro, Host - Justice with Judge Jeanine

                Twitter: judgejeanine    Facebook: judgejeaninepirroshow            Email:

Geraldo Rivera, Host - Geraldo Rivera Reports

                Twitter: GeraldoRivera Facebook: GeraldoRivera                              Email:

Shepard Smith, Host - Shepard Smith Reporting

                Twitter:  ShepNewsteam     Facebook: ShepardSmith                       Email:

Jesse Watters, Host -  Watters' World

                Twitter:  jessebwatters Facebook: JesseWatters                                 Email:

Megyn Kelly, Host - Today Show  

Twitter:  megynkelly                      Facebook: MegynKelly

Alex Jones, Host – Infowars  

                Twitter: realalexjones    Facebook: AlexanderEmerickJones    

Breitbart News    

                Twitter: BreitbartNews    Facebook: Breitbart   Email: