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The Right Way to Use Social Media

So many people use Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn by asking the wrong types of questions.

What happens is that they open up the hive mind and ask questions that allow people to throw out whatever occurs to them regardless of the actual knowledge and experience they have. 


There is a better way to get better results from social media.  


What you do is:

1. Seek to get answers from qualified people, who match your needs and objectives, with the relevant experience and knowldge. 

2. Don't just ask for recommendations, ask specifically for their best 1 to 3 recommendations. 


Here's an example: 


Planning a week in Great Britain with my spouse and two children, ages 11 and 9. 

Don't say:  Need ideas on where to stay in London. 

Do say: If you've been to SOHO, London with kids, what are your best recommendations on where to stay and what to do?  


Here's a search that allows you to learn more about the right way to use social media