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To Future Proof Your Business - Search!

To future proof your business. Search.

1. Give people search. Give yourself and your employees better access to the technologies that your customers are using.  Make sure they learn how to use these technologies.

2. Learn how to search. Become more familiar with what search and search technology gets you access to. There are hundreds of search engine enabled sources of specialized information.  Get familiar with the media and sources that are important to your business or purpose.

3. Search frequently. Learn how to identify, recognize, analyze, and leverage critical intelligence that is available to improve everything youi do. Empower your people to access insights and fresh perspectives that can be found. Give them incentives to recognize and develop strategies to leverage new information and use it to improve the performance of your efforts, identify and remedy shortcomings and improve and optimize the quantity and quality of what you do and deliver.

4. Utilize search. Make it one of the primary ways you actively use it for continuous education in your chosen field and every aspect of it that makes a difference to you. Akkow and encourage people to use search to diversify what they know.  Invest and support your people improve their own lives.

5. Build greater trust.  Feed your people what they love so they are empowered and encouraged to not only reap the benefits of the knowledge, but share the critical intelligence they acquire to help others succeed as well. This is perhaps the most powerful professional branding tactic so you utilize to survive and outcompete others in the world around us.  

6. Share knowledge freely and frequently.  Give your people better ways to share the right questions and identify the right sources for the answers.

Just remember to question what you find and make sure it meets your needs. Qualify the source. Validate the utility.

Read with a pen on your hand. When you find something worthy, assign yourself the action to turn it into something good.

Then do it.  Do it and do it some more.